So how did I end up here some might ask, you make your own dreams and ambitions, my love for the Scottish outdoors stems from having the freedom and keen interest to explore the land I live in.
From a very young age I’ve always had a hunger for adventure, I’d camp in the back garden in makeshift tents, constructed with old bed sheets hung over washing lines, We’d go beyond and discover local farmlands, streams and hillsides, as kids we’d ignore our parents calls to come home and stretch our daily accomplishments out, just beyond the hours of darkness. Whether I was covered in two inches of mud or frostbitten to the core my love for the outdoors comes at no price.

As a young teen, fishing became a big part of my weekly fix for the wilderness, At 12 years old I was lucky enough to witness days turn to nights and then return with new light in such wonderful places as Loch Ness with all it’s mystery and folklore. My bi-weekly visits to such areas as the Trossachs and the Highlands just went to prove to me that the “Big green Hill” and such places as “The Cally Park” were just Mother Nature’s tasters. I took a sip from the cup, loved it, and now here I am.